JOIN #TeamSuccess

$75 a month ($900/year)

Join the team to help young people become independent adults who give back to their community. Enable Team Up to continue journeying with kids who become young adults - providing mentoring, job training, internship opportunities, and college/career prep.


JOIN #TeamMentor

$50 a month ($600/year)

Join the team that nurtures little ones as they move from Pre-K through 5th grade. Provide a caring mentor who meets with a child twice a week along with academic support, grade monitoring, help accessing health care and transportation, and family support services.


JOIN #TeamTransport

$100 a month ($1,200/year)

Join the team that removes barriers between students and their potential. Guarantee that a Team Up student at Faith Academy or The Bridge of Georgia has everything they need to succeed: transportation to and from school, a nutritious lunch, and school supplies.