Adopt an ornament

Our Adopt an Ornament initiative will show you meaningful ways you can get involved in the life-changing ministry of Team Up Mentoring. Thank you for your faithful prayers and generous support. May God bless you this Christmas season! 

You adopt a need; we send you a beautiful crystal ornament for your tree.



Missions Vehicles - $100

Team Up offers transport to all our programs and community services – like doctors and school conference.  Vehicles in good working order enable us to serve well. 


Send a Child to Summer Camp - $50

Team Up’s vision is that all young people practice spiritual and emotional health.  For $50, you can ensure kids have opportunities to hear from God and enjoy His creation. 


Children with Disabilities - $20

A gift of $20 can supply schooling to help a child overcome disabilities and begin to glimpse the life-changing power of God.


Birthdays - $25

Remember the joy of birthdays as a kid?  Give a child that experience of sheer delight as they celebrate their birthday!  A gift of $25 provides a birthday party and small gift for 5 children.


Teach a Child to Read - $30

For $30, Team Up targets kids who can’t read by the end of 3rd grade and pairs them with a 1:1 tutor.  Students learn to read quickly with this individual support. 


Feed a Child - $10

Provide a week’s worth of hot meals to students at the Bridge of Georgia, a school for students with significant special needs.  Empower our Bridge students to learn and grow to their fullest potential!


Teen Leadership Academy - $30

Join our team to help young people become independent adults who give back to their community.  Empower a young person to see themselves as a first generation college student.


Train + Equip a Mentor - $75

The average mentor stays with Team Up for 4 years – pouring into the lives of children and teens!  Gift a mentor with year-round support and training to serve Team Up kids well.


Give Curriculum - $40

Empower kids to handle money wisely, develop Godly character, make smart decisions, and value hard work by providing curriculum for our programs. 


Bible Club - $20

Be a part of children coming to know Christ and developing a relationship with Him.  $20 helps provide teaching materials and supplies for 1 year of Bible Club. 

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Contributor's Name
We'll need this information to send you your ornament! Please complete and send this form, then follow our DONATE links to contribute. The contributor's name must match the billing information through paypal to receive your ornament. Thank you again for your contributions!